gypsy teal

we didn’t think we were going to paint a thing. it was part of the appeal. we liked all the colors. the place barely needed any work… we just had to move in. wrong. after a few months it became clear that the pale green in the main room was not going to cut it. i always gravitate to dark & warm or bold & modern colors. the green was so blah and it was the entire living area. for the house to feel like a relaxing get-away, we needed to shake it up and pick a new, fun color. it was a risky choice, but i thought a bold blue-green would give the room a nautical feel and make the white frames and wall-art we planned, really pop.
we went to loews on a friday after work and left with gypsy teal in hand en route to brewster.
the painting project began late in the evening. we transfered every lamp in the house into the poorly lit living room, pushed the furtniture to the middle of the room, strategically plopped a few drop cloths and got to work.  
 i think we had some old SNL shows on in the background
this was shakespeare’s first duty as quality control inspector. he took the job very seriously.
 he liked to sit on the drop clothes like he was at a picnic or something. so funny..  i cant get enough of these pictures…

all in all, the undertaking was fairly painless and made a world of difference. it felt like OUR house´╗┐ now! the color came out great and really makes a statement!
shakespeare has officially become head of QC. thanks for all your hard work, shakes!